24 x Kailh Switch Sampler inc Acrylic Testing Board and keycaps

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This sampler includes 24 x Kailh switches and a beautiful acrylic testing board with some clear blank keycaps included too!

Please also see the product images for a full list of the switches that this board includes. The switches included are:

  • Kailh Gold
  • Kailh Pink
  • Kailh Silver
  • Kailh Copper
  • Kailh Bronze
  • Kailh Plum
  • Kailh Burgundy
  • Kailh Sage
  • Kailh Dark Yellow
  • Kailh Purple
  • Kailh Navy
  • Kailh Light Green
  • Kailh BOX Jade
  • Kailh BOX Royals
  • Kailh Pale Blue
  • Kailh Burnt Orange
  • Kailh BOX Pale Blue
  • Kailh BOX Burnt Orange
  • Kailh BOX Dark Yellow
  • Kailh BOX Navy
  • Kailh BOX Black
  • Kailh BOX Red
  • Kailh BOX White
  • Kailh BOX Brown


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