Tactile Mechanical Switch Sample Pack


#TeamTactile this is the best sampler for those who love a good bump!

A selection of all of our Tactile mechanical keyboard switches! This is the best way to try out some of the best and most expensive switches before you purchase a larger quantity for your mechanical keyboard!

Note: Product photograph is for illustrative purposes and may not reflect the current list of switches! Switches are always being added and removed from this sample pack as our stock and selection changes.

Note: This listing includes only the switches. Acrylic switch cases and other accessories are available separately on our store.

Note: The list of switches below is current, but you may receive some substitutions if certain switches are temporarily unavailable. We always do our best to make suitable replacements in such cases. If you are interested in a particular switch and would prefer to wait for it to be back in stock, please indicate this to us in your checkout order notes.


Last Updated: 1/20/23 - Kiwi switch is starting to go out of stock and will start to be replaced by SP-Star Polaris Purple soon

The current pack includes one of each of the following switches: 

 Switch Name Details


Tactile with POM stem and 67g bottom
Gateron Baby Kangaroo
Tactile with double stage gold plated spring and 54g bottom

SP-Star Polaris Purple

Tactile with a 67g bottom and POM stem
Tecsee Ice Milky Mango Tactile with two-stage spring and bottom of 63.5g
Azure Dragon V2 Tactile switch with lens mold and 67g bottom, two stage gold spring
Kaihua Halo True Tactile switch with peak force of 60gf and 54gf actuation

Tecsee Blue Sky Cloud

Tactile switch with a long 63.5g spring
Durock T1 Smokey Tactile switch with a 67g bottom
Glorious Panda Tactile switch, 67g
Tecsee Purple Panda Tactile, 3.0mm Travel, 55g actuation, 67g bottom
Kinetic Labs Salmon Tactile switch, Long spring, 63.5g
Tecsee Sapphire V2 Tactile switch with uhmwpe stem, 3.8mm Travel, 63.5g bottom
SP-Star Magic Girl Tactile
NK_ Cream Tactile Tactile, 65g operating, 95g bottom (whoa).
Tecsee Coral Tactile switch with PME bottom housing and bottom force of 68g