GoPolar Azure Dragon V2 Tactile switches


The switches are sold in beautiful artwork boxes each containing 35 switches!

Quantity 1 = 35 switches + artwork box ($0.64/pcs)

One of the most beautiful switches we have ever seen is BACK in V2 form! Just look at those We are proud to have partnered with Gopolar and Gateron to become an official US vendor for the Azure Dragon V2 switch and we are currently the only US vendor to offer the artwork boxes you see pictured! (each beautiful box contains 35 switches).

Aside from looking amazing, these switches also feel amazing and are much improved over the V1 version of the switch. The most important improvements in V2 are:

  • New top housing uses lens mold for more consistent shine through
  • Upgraded and improved upper cover mold to solve a V1 issue when pulling out the switch
  • Upgraded gold-plated dual stage springs for extra durability
  • Upgraded bottom case mold and materials (POM) to improve the sound when bottoming out and making it easier for the stem to return.

These switches also feature the following:

  • Manufacturer: Gateron
  • Designer: Gopolar
  • Type: Tactile 5-pin Switch
  • Spring: 18mm Two Stage Gold spring
  • Force: Operating 63g, Bottom 67g
  • Stem: POM, PANTONE 7471C color
  • Top Housing: PC Lens Mold, PANTONE 291C Transparent color
  • Bottom Housing: POM, PANTONE XG Violet C color
  • Pre-lubed from factory

Note that these are PCB mount switches. In order to use them in 3-pin hotswap boards (plate mount) you will need to clip the 2 extra plastic pins (very easy to do). Please double check your board and confirm compatibility before buying.