Kailh Exotic Switch Sample Pack

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This isn't a normal Kailh switch sampler! This is a 9-switch collection of some of the more interesting and adventurous switches from the Kailh line-up. Get them while you can...

The 9 switches included are:

  • Kailh X Domikey Canary - Tactile, 4.0mm Travel, 42g Operating Force, 60g Tactile Force
  • Kailh Pumper CyberPunk colorway - Tactile, 62g
  • Kailh BOX Red PRO - Linear, 35gf
  • Kailh Hako Royal True - Tactile, 3.6mm Travel, 60g Actuation, 85g Bottom
  • NovelKeys x Kailh Cream - Linear, 2mm Actuation (4mm Bottom), 55g Operating (70g Bottom)
  • Kailh BOX Silent Brown - Silent Tactile, 45g Operating (57g Bottom)
  • Kailh Box Silent Pink - Silent linear, 35g Operating (45g Bottom)
  • Kailh BOX Jade - Very Clicky, 2mm Actuation, 50g Operating (60g Bottom)
  • Kailh BOX White - Clicky, 1.88mm Actuation, 45g Operating (55g Bottom)


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