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The "One of Everything" Switch Sample Pack

Sale price$24.00

Ahhh...the "one of everything" sample pack! It includes 33 switches and is the perfect way to try all of our switches to see which ones you prefer! This pack includes all of the switches from our Linear, Tactile, and Clicky sample packs (for a discounted price, of course!)

Ever wondered if you are #TeamTactile or #LinearGang or maybe even a fan of Clicky switches? After you try this sampler, you will have your answer and have plenty of references to help you purchase switches in the future.

All switches are provided "stock", exactly as the manufacturer/designer intended and without any additional lube or modification by HippoKeys (please note that many switches do ship pre-lubed with a light amount of lubrication applied from the manufacturer).

Note: Product photograph is for illustrative purposes and may not reflect the current list of switches! Switches are always being added and removed from this sample pack as our stock and selection changes.

Note: This listing includes only the switches. Acrylic switch cases and other accessories are available separately on our store.

Note: The list of switches below is current, but you may receive some substitutions if certain switches are temporarily unavailable. We always do our best to make suitable replacements in such cases. If you are interested in a particular switch and would prefer to wait for it to be back in stock, please indicate this to us in your checkout cart order notes.

Note: Along with every order you will receive a blue HippoKeys business card which has a QR code that you can scan to access our switch identification graphic! You can also access it via this link at any time. This graphic will help you identify your switches (past and present!)

Last Update: 4/8/24 - Added JWICK Semi-Silent Linear, Removed Zaku

The current pack includes one of each of the following switches (Linear, Tactile, and Clicky).

Tactile Switches

 Switch Name Details


Tactile with POM stem and 67g bottom

Durock White Lotus

Light tactile with a 56g bottom
Gateron Baby Kangaroo Tactile with double stage gold plated spring and 54g bottom
Tecsee Ice Milky Mango Tactile with two-stage spring and bottom of 63.5g
Azure Dragon V3
Tactile switch with lens mold and 67g bottom, two stage gold spring

Tecsee Blue Sky Cloud

Tactile switch with a long 63.5g spring
TKC Kiwi
Tactile switch with 67g spring and T1 stem
Gateron Quinn Tactile switch with full nylon housing and 59±15g operating force 
Durock T1 Smokey Tactile switch with a bottom of 67g
Gateron Beer Tactile switch, dual-stage long spring
Gateron Jupiter Banana Tactile, 3.4mm Travel, 59g actuation, 69g bottom
Drop Halo True Tactile switch, 54g actuation and 100g (!) bottom
Tecsee Sapphire V2 Tactile switch with uhmwpe stem, 3.8mm Travel, 63.5g bottom
Gateron Mini i
Ahead tactile switch with 40g operating and 50g bottom
Gateron EverFree Grayish Tactile switch, 55g activation and 60g bottom


Linear Switches

Switch Name Details
Alpaca Smooth linear switch with gold plated 62g springs, PCB mount

Cherry Lubed Black Clear-Top

Linear switch with 63.5g operating and 80g bottom, PCB mount

JWICK Semi-Silent Linear

Semi-Silent Linear 62g (top-out sound is muted due to silicone dampeners).

Gateron Oil King

Linear switch with 20mm spring, 55g actuation/80g bottom out

Gateron EverFree Curry

Linear switch, 60g bottom, PCB mount

Durock Mamba

Linear, 60g, PCB mount

Gateron Mountain-top

Fast travel linear switch with 40g operating,50g bottom, PCB mount

HippoKeys Unicorn

Linear switch with double spring and 50g operating /  63g bottom

C³Equalz x TKC Tangerine

Linear 62g or 67g (you may receive light green or dark green stem depending on stock), PCB mount

Gateron Ink v2 Black

Linear switch with a travel distance of 2mm Actuation (4mm Bottom) and a force of 60g Operating (70g Bottom)

Kinetic Labs Husky

Smooth linear switches featuring a long stem pole and a snappy 63.5g Symmetric Spring

Gateron Milky Yellow Pro KS-3 X1

Linear switch with a force of 50g Operating

Durock Ice King

Linear switch with 62g long progressive spring
Durock Black Lotus

Linear switch. 63.5g bottom. Removable light diffuser

Gateron Luciola

Glow in the dark linear switch with a 60g  bottom.


Clicky Switches

 Switch Name Details

Gateron Melodic

Clicky, 50g operating, 60g Bottom, PCB mount
Kailh Pro Light Green
Clicky, 50g Operating, 60g Bottom, Plate mount
Gateron Ink v2 Blue Clicky, 60g Operating, 70g Bottom, PCB mount



The "One of Everything" Switch Sample Pack
The "One of Everything" Switch Sample Pack Sale price$24.00