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Ahhh...the "one of everything" sample pack! It includes 30 switches and is the perfect way to try all of our switches to see which ones you prefer! This pack includes all of the switches from our Linear, Tactile, and Clicky sample packs (for a discounted price, of course!)

Ever wondered if you are #TeamTactile or #LinearGang or maybe even a fan of Clicky switches? After you try this sampler, you will have your answer and have plenty of references to help you purchase switches in the future.

Note: Switches are always being added and removed from this sample pack as our stock and selection changes! The list of switches below is current, but you may receive some substitutions if certain switches are temporarily unavailable. We always do our best to make suitable replacements in such cases. If you are interested in a particular switch and would prefer to wait for it to be back in stock, please indicate this to us in your checkout order notes.

The current pack includes one of each of the following switches (Linear, Tactile, and Clicky):


Tactile Switches

 Switch Name Details
Gazzew Boba U4t Tactile with longer stem poll and 68g spring
Everglide Crystal Violet Tactile with initial force of 45g and 55g actuation
TKC SP-Star Magic Girl Tactile switch lightly pre-lubed from factory with 67g spring
C³Equalz X TKC Dragon Fruit Tactile switch with a 63.5g spring
Kaihua Halo True Tactile switch with peak force of 60gf and 54gf actuation
C³Equalz X TKC Kiwi Tactile switch with a 67g spring and T1 stem
Durock T1 Tactile Tactile switch with a 67g bottom and a travel of 4mm, Operating 2mm
Glorious Panda Tactile switch, 67g
GoPolar Azure Dragon Tactile switch with a 67g two stage spring
Yok Purple Trash Panda Tactile, 4.0mm Travel, 67g Operating Force, 70g bottom
Kailh Pumper CyberPunk colorway Tactile, 62g
Kailh BOX Royal Tactile, 3.6mm Travel, 45g Operating, 70g Bottom


Linear Switches

Switch Name
Alpaca Smooth linear switch with gold plated 62g springs, PCB mount

Silent Alpaca

Silent Linear with gold plated 62g springs, PCB mount

Glorious Lynx

Linear switch with 60g bottom, PCB mount

C³Equalz X TKC Tangerine

Linear 62g (light green) or 67g (dark green) depending on availability.

C³Equalz X TKC Banana Split

Linear switch with a 62g spring

Gazzew Bobagum

Silent Linear, Pink, 62g spring, PCB mount

Everglide Aqua King

Linear, 67g, PCB mount

NovelKeys x Kailh Cream

Linear switch with 55g operating, 70g Bottom, PCB mount

Bolsa Zaku

Linear switch that is paired with an extended stem pole and a 63.5g double spring. PCB mount

Candy Jade

Linear switch, 62g, PCB mount

Kailh Box Silent Pink

Silent Linear with a force of 35g operating, Plate mount

Gateron Ink v2 Black

Linear switch with a travel distance of 2mm Actuation (4mm Bottom) and a force of 60g Operating (70g Bottom)

Gateron Ink v2 Red

Linear switch with a travel distance of 2mm Actuation (4mm Bottom) and a force of 45g Operating (60g Bottom)

Gateron Ink v2 Yellow

Linear switch with a travel distance of 1.5mm Actuation (3.5mm Bottom) and a force of 60g Operating (67g Bottom)

Kailh Pro Burgundy

Linear switch with a travel distance of 1.7mm Actuation (3.6mm Bottom) and a force of 50g Operating (70g Bottom). Plate mount


Clicky Switches

 Switch Name Details
Kailh BOX Jade Very Clicky, 50g Operating, 60g Bottom, Plate mount
Gateron Ink V2 Blue Clicky, 60g Operating, 70g Bottom, PCB mount
Kailh BOX White Clicky, 50g operating, 55g Bottom, Plate mount



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