Gateron 20 Switch Sampler with Acrylic case


This sampler includes 20 unique Gateron switches AND it comes with an acrylic board (as shown in the pictures).

This is outstanding value and it's a really unique selection of switches as it includes both their most popular switches (e.g. Oil King and Ink Black) but it also includes some much rarer switches (e.g. LIMBO, Clatter, Baltic, Tiffany, etc).

The product photo shows each of the included switches and has a legend next to each switch to help you identify them.

Here is the complete list of included switches for reference:

  1. LIMBO Switch
  2. Pink Switch
  3. North Pole 2.0 Silver Switch
  4. North Pole 2.0 Red Switch
  5. North Pole 2.0 Yellow Switch
  6. Baltic Switch
  7. Clatter Switch (75gf)
  8. Clatter Switch (40gf)
  9. KS-6 Switch (70gf)
  10. Lunar Mare Switch
  11. ChinaJoy CJ Switch (50gf)
  12. ChinaJoy CJ Wall Stem (45gf)
  13. Online Anniversary Switch
  14. Oil King Switch
  15. Tiffany Switch
  16. Ink V2 Black Wall Stem Switch
  17. Ink V2 Pink Wall Stem Switch
  18. Ink V2 Black Wall Stem (Lubed) Switch
  19. Baby Racoon Switch
  20. Baby Kangaroo Switch