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Gateron Giant Switch Twister (Mystery Switch Gacha Machine)

Sale price$21.00

Finally! the perfect gift and desktop accessory for any keeb enthusiast!

The Gateron Giant Switch Twister is a fun accessory which acts as a switch vending/gocha machine for your desk. Inspired by Toy Story, this accessory will take you back to childhood. Just twist and push to release the mystery switch eggs inside (5 mystery eggs/switches included)


  1. You get a huuuge novelty switch to have on your desk or on display (14.5cm x 14.5cm x 13.8cm)
  2. The top of the switch (twister) is a fun stress reliever. It has a built-in turbocharger and has a rotation range of 360°/second.
  3. The huge switch acts as a vending/gocha machine which can dispense five mystery "eggs". Pull out the cap on the right side of the machine and "eggs" roll out randomly. 
  4. Each egg can be opened and inside of each will be a mystery customized Gateron G-switch (70% customized switch, 30% standard switch)
  5. This is beautifully boxed/packaged like a gift. Perfect for the holidays!