Switch Puller for Mechanical Keyboards

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The must-have accessory for any hot-swappable mechanical keyboard! We are so excited to be able to offer our official HippoKeys Mechanical Switch Pullers in 4 amazing colors and at an unbeatable price! (other sites will charge you $5+ for a premium puller with this kind of design)

If you've ever used a switch puller before, you'll know that they come in many different shapes and sizes, and they aren't all good! Some of them are uncomfortable to use for long periods, and some of them barely work at all. This is why we are bringing you hands-down the BEST designed switch puller. It does it's job perfectly AND thanks to the rubber coating it is comfortable to use for long periods. It's extended length allows you to hold it naturally and get into tight spots against the sides of keyboard cases with ease.

Branded with the HippoKeys log and available in White, Red, Blue, or Green.


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