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Tecsee Sapphire V2 Switches

Sale price$5.50

 The switches are sold in packs of 10. Quantity 1 = 10 switches.

Just look at these! Wow...they sparkle! This is the Tecsee Sapphire V2 Mechanical Keyboard Switch, featuring a UHMWPE UPE Tactile Stem and a Double Gold Spring 63.5g. 

These switches are very lightly factory lubed and Tecsee has previously confirmed that they can be safely lubed over.


  • Type: Tactile
  • Top Housing: PC mix
  • Bottom Housing: PC mix
  • Stem: UHMWPE
  • 63.5g bottom out
  • 3.8mm total travel
  • Double long gold spring
  • 5 pin
  • MX style housing
  • Light factory lube (can be lubed over)



Tecsee Sapphire V2 Switches
Tecsee Sapphire V2 Switches Sale price$5.50